What people are saying...

  • "This is the first product I have ever used that I have had not one complaint or return. Every single one of my clients LOVES it. Simply It, IS simply it! it's all you need."
    Sally Crumpler, Master Stylist,
    The Salon, Greenville, NC
  • "Finally, a product so high-performance, it sells itself. Simply It leaves hair feeling soft and manageable with a remarkable amount of bounce and shine. Clients are so amazed by how their hair looks and feels, the fact that it speeds up blow-drying time is simply an added bonus!"
    Rebecca Kohler, Salon Owner
    A Look Above, Plano, TX
  • "The best part of Simply It is that it's 3 products in one. It works as a detangler, thermal protectant and styler. In this economy every penny counts so to buy one product and get all these benefits is SIMPLY IT!!!"
    Sarah Neff, Salon Owner
    Sarahndipity Salon, Medford, OR
  • "I love Simply It because it is the first and only product I've ever used where my clients call me to ask what I used on their hair! I sell a lot of it without even trying."
    Paula Armendariz, Stylist
    Salon Mia, Rancho Cucamonga, CA
  • "It is Simply It because our stylists and clients love how it works. Clients are always looking for an effective, quick way to manage their hair and this product works on both wet and dry hair. Simply It works by smoothing and hydrating all types of hair."
    Claudia Pfeffer, Salon Owner
    Watergate Salon, Washington, DC
  • "Our tester shaved 15 minutes off her morning routine!"
    People Style Watch, Feb 2012
  • "I have been a stylist for 35 years and NEVER used a product like It Factor before! My curls were left so bouncy and frizz-free that I was absolutley amazed!"
    Mary Reed, Salon Owner
  • "It Factor is always in my bag. Without it shampooing and blow-drying in 20 minutes would be impossible."
    Don Francic, Celebrity Stylist - The Celebrity Apprentice
  • "I love how I can use this product on any hair type. It saves time and leaves the hair in great condition."
    Noriko Kerns, Celebrity Stylist
  • "It literally did cut my blow dry time in half. My hair was shiny, bouncy and I didn't need to use ANY styling product at all."
    Cassie Burns, BeautySeatches.com
  • "It whipped my mane into voluminous, gleaming shape within six minutes (it usually takes ten)."
    Amber Katz, BeautyBloggingJunkie.com
  • "The results were definitely miraculous. It takes me about 20-30 minutes to blow-dry my hair... but with the It Factor products it took me 10 minutes. Sold!"
    Nizzi Renaud, Refinery29.com
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